Precautionary Measures At Living Room Beach Resort, Goa

As the past few weeks have been uncertain and challenging due to the COVID - 19 pandemic. If we're following all the guidelines properly, this crisis shall also pass. Our hotel will be introducing a new standard for hotel cleanliness and hygiene procedure to ensure our guests enjoy an even cleaner and safe stay. Our biggest preference is that our guests and our employees to feel safe and secure at our hotels. We would be following a strict cleaning disinfection protocol with our staff. All the immediate contact surfaces in the hotel will be cleaned on a daily basis. Even our staff will undergo temperature screening each day to ensure a healthy work environment.


At Living Room Beach Resort, Goa, we are passionate about business and leisure travelers and keep their safety first hand. We will double the hygiene procedure, more disinfection of touch areas in rooms including light switches and door handles, We request our guests to maintain at least 6 meters when inline for the safety measures. Even with the in-room dining, all eating bowls and plates will be heated and warmed for better sanitation. We will continue to improve meals and beverage service in accordance with prevailing food safety recommendations. 

Given the exceptional circumstances, we currently face, we build upon already high measures of housekeeping and sanitation, where hospital-grade cleaning products and improved protocols are currently in use. We are looking forward to hosting our guests at Living Room Beach Resort, Goa. 

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