Traveling to Goa? Be prepared for a crazy Carnival

All those who have been to Goa must have noticed the uniqueness of its celebrations and revelry. This sunshine state has always been synonymous with the Konkani word “susegad” which means relaxation and contentment. Apart from revelry and beaches, Goa is also famous for its places of worship, like Hindu temples and shrines in the hilly regions at the east, and Catholic churches on the western coast, there are also Muslim, Jains, and Sikh places of worship.
One of the most famous festivals in the state of Goa has been the Carnival which was introduced in the 18th century during the colonial rule of the Portuguese, it is celebrated for three days in the month of February just before the season of lent. The carnival is not celebrated anywhere in India and was declining even in Goa during the last few years of Portuguese rule.

Image of 3 women celebrating during a carnival

It began to revive after Goa's liberation from the Portuguese, the revival of the Carnival attracted thousands of tourists from India and the world which led to an increase in foreign exchange earnings, wealth creation, and employment, and therefore it was welcome. During these days hotels are packed with tourists, and hence bookings must be done as soon as possible, So go ahead and book your stay at the Living Room Beach Resort now.

Initially, the carnival was mainly celebrated by the Catholic community, now the carnival is also accompanied by traditional Hindu revelry and other communities as well, which makes Goa carnival truly unique for its diversity. The carnival has also become a stage to celebrate culture and cuisine on a grand scale every year. Today the carnival has crossed the state borders and has drawn thousands of people from all over the country and the world. Come be a part of the carnival by booking your rooms at the best beach resorts in Morjim Goa.

During the carnival, huge colorful parades with bands float, and dances take over the streets, while the evenings spell major partying wherever you go. These parades are accompanied by live bands and dancers. During this day, people forget to sleep during the carnival since the parades last all night. The majority of the streets have excellent lighting and magnificent parties.The Goa Carnival celebrations also include dance troupes, revelers donning masks and costumes, exciting music usually played live, sports contests, floats & parades, tableaus which are surrounded by acrobats, dancers, clowns, and musicians with a lot of craft exhibitions, and hedonistic hobbies like eating and drinking. There is also a state-wide culinary competition with sponsored prizes, which is judged by a famous chef. The culinary competition promotes and exhibits local food to visiting tourists.

Just like the festival of Holi, people in Carnival play with bright colors and engage in playful fights. Previously, eggs and flour were utilized, but they have been substituted by color powders.

During the carnival, hotels, and restaurants in Goa prepare mouth-watering meals, wherein you can dive into the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. We at the Living Room Beach Resort provide lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Don't miss out on the last day's celebrations, which culminate with the famed red-and-black dance, staged by the Club National in Panjim, which is 20 km away from our luxurious beach resort in Vagator.
Carnival today has become a mix of multi-ethnic Goan, and cultural traditions that everyone has learned to love and respect over the years, and has become a spectacle of a vibrant, fabulous music and dance extravaganza. Come be a part of this celebration and book your rooms at the Living Room Beach Resort now.